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Glass Art Bio


Jasmine Bluecreek loves the whimsical way light dances and colors play through glass. She loves to
create beautiful things with her own hands. She has been working with glass since 1979, 43 years now.
She attended University of Houston as an Art Major but has studied art in numerous venues and
master classes through the years.

Jasmine feels that everyone should be able to have beautiful glass art in their lives. To this goal
she has created a line of   UNIQUE GLASS GIFTS  that all retail for under $100.

Jasmine prefers to create works in a variety of styles and frequently includes elements other than glass
in her work. Agates and other rocks, bits of copper, barn wood, mirror, and found glass often are included.

Her work was recently displayed at the 40 West Gallery in Lakewood, CO.
July 2021 'Beatles Inspired Glass Art Show' also the 'Shut In Show' July 2020.
These shows were both featured on Fox 31 Dan Daru's morning TV show in 2020 and 2021.

Other Public Showings Include:

Nov. 2019 'Echter's Glass at the Gardens' winning a second place ribbon for her 'Spring Garden' piece.
July 2018 "Transitions" art show at 40 WEST Gallery
Nov. 2018 Echter's Glass at the Gardens, winning second and third place ribbons for 'Desert Flood' and
'Dedication to a Marriage'

In past decades, 1980s and 1990s, Jasmine's art was shown at:
FootHills Art Center in Golden, CO.
Glass at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
Pirate Art Gallery, Boulder Public Library, Leaping Lizard Gallery,and Bluecreek/West Gallery.

She has installed numerous 2 and 3-dimensional works in homes and offices throughout CO, TX, WY, AR, and NE.

These days, Jasmine works on her glass art full time - and also teaches motorcycle safety classes part time.

Jasmine works with everything from traditional fine art, including bevels and lead work to more modern
and functional, beautiful glass lamps, glass 3D sculptures and her Newest Creations:
Free-Standing Window Treatments, Seasonal Table Centerpieces and DRAGONS!

Free Standing Window Idea 'Spring Garden' N/A

Jasmine scoring a large sheet of glass

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