Jasmine teaches Signed Motorcycle Classes
for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Deaf Rider Training

Jasmine is an MSF Award Winning Instructor.

2005 Outstanding Rider Coach Award, Colorado
2007 MSF Outstanding Motorcycle Safety Support

for her continuing efforts teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing Riders.

Jasmine was lucky meet Ashley Fiolek during AMA International Women & Motorcycles Conference Aug 19-22, 2009.
Jasmine was excited to chat in sign language with Ashley and her father, Jim.

They walked out to parking area, see my homemade Harley.
Jim, Ashley's Father, tell me that Harley is best street motorcycle. He liked my bike!

Some you know that Ashley loves dirt bikes since she 3 years old. She rode then with her parents.
Age 7 Ashley have her first race. Ashley has 13 amateur national titles and many years of fun on
dirt bikes before 18 years old. Last year, 2008, Ashley's first year as professional women's motocross
racer and she won championship. This kid is FAST!

Ashley told us being deaf was not an obstacle to her racing career. She said being a woman in a man's
sport was more problem than being deaf. But Ashley is fighting back - she first female to be part of
American Honda - Red Bull Factory Race Team and is now leading points race for 2009 series
championship. Jasmine was very proud to get time chat, visit with outstanding young female
motocross racer, Ashley Fiolek.

The Video above is from the July 19-20, 2008 Beginners Signed Class.
You can watch same video on YOU TUBE with these links:
Deaf BRC Part One
Deaf BRC Part Two
Deaf BRC Part Three
Deaf BRC Part Four
The total running time of all 4 videos together is about 7 min. 48 sec.

Beginning Signed MC Classes

You want to learn how ride motorcycle or scooter?
I can teach you how to ride safely and legally
Motorcycles and Helmets provided

We had a Signed ERC -Experienced Rider Class on Saturday May 3rd, 2008.
5 excellent deaf riders showed up for the class and practiced improving their skills,
braking, swerving and slow speed maneuvers.
See their video below 


Experienced Rider Instruction available also
You ride your own motorcycle for this class 
 You must have motorcycle endorsement on Drivers' License before class.
Must have motorcycle, motorcycle license, mc insurance, helmet etc. for this class.  

Contact Jasmine to Register.
I am offering private and semi-private learn how to ride classes - now for low cost
Also teach Signed Motorcycle Maintenance Classes

Student Comments
Would you like to read letters from Jasmine's former students?
This link includes both Deaf and Hearing Students Comments

 Jasmine is Hard of Hearing and has been teaching motorcycle safety to Deaf and Hard of Hearing since 2003.
She has taught many deaf classes and is learning ASL.
Some Classes will be assisted by a certified interpreter.


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